My journey of discipline started from the young age of 8 through martial arts, becoming a BlackBelt in taekwondo at 13. After school I was lost in the dark whirlwind of society working factory jobs, drinking and indulging in soul destroying events. By 23 I had turned it all around and achieved a black belt in kickboxing and then followed on to be a professional kickboxer and pro boxer.


Curiosity to expand the mind and body led me to outgrow my surroundings and leave the UK at age 28. I backpacked through Australia and NZ on a life changing path of self discovery.

I then delved deep into meditation and traveled to India to participate in 21 days of silence. NZ became home and my inner wisdom was challenged with integration back into society and living. At 36 I became a proud father and my new Dharma (way of living, my truth, my practice, my life) and my spiritual practice was raising my family. In this place I studied and researched breathwork and holistic health.

I created income for myself through building by day and personal training morning and night. On my 40th birthday I went to Bali and experienced a life changing breathwork session with my brother Lukis from "The O2 Awakening". I then carried on to Peru, traveling deep into the Amazon, this chapter I call my soul work. Three years later here I am putting all my experience, knowledge and wisdom into a practice I call enRich Breathwork.



 Growing up in a small town called Wairoa I spent most of my childhood learning music. After high school I decided to attend University at Massey in Palmerston North where I gained a Communications degree and spent the next 10 years working in the corporate world trying to find a sense of belonging. 

During this time I also spent 2.5 years abroad teaching English in South Korea and traveling South East Asia. It was in Rishikesh, India where I completed a teacher training in Hatha Yoga then went on to discover Vipassana meditation in Thailand. 

After coming back to NZ I still felt like something was missing from my life and that I was ignoring a silent nudge that was getting louder and louder. I was searching for purpose and meaning in the work I was doing. The moment of change occurred during a weekend retreat where I witnessed music being used to help guide and heal people through trauma, stress, anxiety and unresolved emotions. 

Since realising the healing powers of music I have committed my time and energy to serving others which is where I find the most purpose and fulfilment in life. My instruments vary between my voice, the guitar, a medicine drum, rattles and crystal singing bowls. 

Sam has lovingly decided to take a step back from facilitating breathwork as her sound journeys become more popular and require more of her focus and energy. Sam will be returning to enRich Breathwork to support with her music during the summer festivals and every quarter for special collaborations along with Irma Schutte at Mamamuti.

soul awakening (26).png


I went into the session not having too many expectations but left having my mind blown away!

This is powerful transformative work and it took me on a journey within that I'd not been able to access previously, despite having tried many other healing modalities.

Rich and Sam (and Glenn who was helping out) provide a beautiful, supportive and safe environment for your healing journey.

I totally recommend giving this a go!

— Dominique Trueman